Our strategy process helps your business, your market, your audience and your data.

The strategy will be based on solid customer research and insights, and will clearly describe what needs to be done to provide exceptional experiences for your customers, and how these will be delivered as a program of work or individual projects. Often these will be documented in the form of 'Experience Maps', a visual representation of the customer journey, which helps ensure all future initiatives are truly customer-centric

At Chrysalis, we are focused on delivery of customer experiences through various digital channels. However, to design the best strategy for your digital transformation we need to first factor in the barriers in designing this.

Digital Strategy Development

The best strategies are made of this basic level of clarity — they answer the right questions to move the organisation forward, together. So we map the barriers with the key enablers to formulate the best digital strategy for your industry.

The key barriers for a digital strategy are:


In order to use digital to solve problems that cross business lines, consumers, and geographies, different departments need to align. This is no easy task. Without alignment, data is created in silos across each digital touchpoint, which makes it difficult to see, understand, and optimise the customer experience


Consumers adopt new behaviours at rates faster than most businesses can adapt.


Most organisation’s departments work in Silos and have very few interactions among each other which becomes a greater hindrance for transformation.


Without a strong measurement culture, lack of proof metrics can slow the adoption and spread of digital.


For many organisations, unfortunately, digital innovation is funded as an R&D cost centre — prone to cuts during challenging economic times.


For a successful business transformation, we need the vision of organisations to be aligned to the digital strategy.


Governments are often behind the curve in understanding technology’s impact on consumers, and so they struggle to either reinterpret existing regulations or develop new ones for the digital era.

The key barriers for a digital strategy are:

Digital Strategy Assessment

In our ASSESS phase, we determine where your company stands in the competitive landscape and how that standing can be improved. Our digital strategists and digital analysts will contextualise digital trends, identify and analyse your digital audience, and systematically compare your digital capabilities against best practices and competitors.

Trends Report

  • Identify digital trends impacting your industry
  • Quantify these trends and opportunities they provide
  • Illustrate the state and context of your company’s digital maturity with examples

Capabilities Benchmarks

  • A detailed review of digital capabilities
  • A quantitative score of your company’s best practices
  • A competitor- and industry-based comparison of your digital capabilities

Strategic Opportunities

  • Define digital strategies and initiatives
  • Align to business objectives and goals
  • Shape and execute communication

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