Our Process

Chrysalis is at the ready to put digital to work at the most fundamental levels of your company. By streamlining existing processes, augmenting current operations, creating new capabilities and inspiring digital thinking, we have the vision and the know-how to completely cultivate that way in which you do business.

We use a step-by-step process to ensure our
clients achieve the best results.

1. Assessment

It is within this preliminary stage of the digital journey that we help you understand the digital maturity of your organisation. In asking the critical questions across your organisational staff hierarchy, we provide:

  • Crucial insights into your digital readiness
  • Industry benchmarks, relative to various aspects of our assessment, to assess where you sit against aggregated industry data

2. Strategy

In understanding the digital maturity of your organisation, we analyse your strategic business roadmap in order to enforce a digital transformation strategy that works collaboratively with your business initiatives.

In creating the vision of IT capabilities, our team at Chrysalis undertake the following tasks throughout this phase:

  • Create an executive task force, co-led by the CIO and a business representative
  • Schedule 1 - 3 intensive workshops addressing your transformation business case, strategic road map, high-level blueprint of the future IT capabilities and the DevOps adop6on plan
  • Designate a project manager
  • Discuss, with the executive task force, the reasons behind the transformation initiative

3. Planning

In this phase, we interpret the strategy in order to create the team structure, implementation schedule and operational and strategic review. This process allows us to anticipate and identify any risks that are likely to hamper the projects objectives.

In this planning stage, we undertake several workshops to ensure the business and IT requirements of the project are established to address the following:

  • Required team structure, including roles and responsibilities
  • Implementation timelines and expected outcomes, based on the transformation road map steps
  • Operational and strategic reviews of the project, including a risk management plan

4. Implementation

That is, the DevOps rules of the game, the operating model and the continuous delivery infrastructure.

In the rules of the game brainstorming sessions, we address:

In the continuous delivery infrastructure workshops, we focus on:

5. Review

In creating a small-scale, real business setting, we use this phase to set up a pilot experiment in which the relevant personal evaluate the likelihood of the projects benefits. Throughout this process, we are able to identify what works well and where improvements should be made.

Throughout this phase, our team at Chrysalis provide:

  • An executive task force, monitoring the pilot experiment through bi-weekly reviews
  • Training campaigns shaped around the DevOps charter, the operating model and the continuous delivery infrastructure
  • Strategic management tools, such as balanced scorecards, to monitor progress, risks and achievements
  • Measurements detailing the impacts of the operating model and continuous delivery infrastructure, based against the projected benefits

6. Embed

Based on the pilot's outcome, it in this final stage that we apply a go-no-go tool in which we, along with your task force, determine whether to deploy your digital IT capability at a full-scale level.

Within this process, our team at Chrysalis provide:

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