Our IT Strategy

In todays business orientated world, an organisations business strategy is at the forefront of their goals and objectives. However, many organisations undervalue the need for a robust and practical IT strategy that underpins and aligns with their business strategy. This is an extremely important step in ensuring an organisation is profitable and drives sustainable outcomes.

We visualise a four-step approach to a successful IT strategy:
Simplify: automate and reduce the number of moving parts

Standardise: avoid customisation and use standard technologies and interfaces

Deconstruct: break down large structures into modular reusable components

Integrate:connect business processes and IT applications

We provide a top down view to IT strategy and architecture. That is, we begin with the business perspective as a whole and move through to the functional, technical and implementation views.

Our team at Chrysalis possess the knowledge and expertise required in order to implement a successful IT strategy, that aligns with your business strategy.

We focus on:

  • Current and future state assessment
  • IT target operating model design
  • Enterprise architecture design and governance
  • IT organisation redesign and capability development
  • IT process and system review
  • Technology investment and business case development